Calculation of the amount of processed foods

This calculation tool is intended to veterinarians.

Only these professionals can tell if the dog or cat is in full health and, therefore, if the animal has nutritional needs consistent with the considered here.

This tool is designed to calculate the recommended daily intake of processed foods that should be offered to the dog or cat healthy. It takes into account the physiological condition of the animal, its weight and the assurance level of processed foods (informed by the manufacturer on the product label) that were chosen to be offered.

The vet must fill in all fields of the system carefully. An error filling in will at the form will cause error at the final result. For this reason we recommend that the veterinarian critically assess the outcome and redo the steps if it seems appropriate.

We remember, finally, that the final reported result is an estimate which may show considerable variations between individuals. So the vet should regularly monitor the animal's weight and adjust the dosage according to individual response of each patient.

Atention: this calculation tool was developed to dry feed. It can not be used for moist food (cans or sachets).


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