Alderley Zani is an agronomist with a Masters in Nutrition, Product Development Manager at Mogiana Pet. Has 19 years of experience in producing food for dogs and cats. Lectured in Theoretical Practical Course on Nutrition for Cats & Dogs UNESP / Jab in 2014. Here his interview about the course. (June, 2014) (in Portuguese).
Flavia Rossi is veterinarian, regulatory affairs manager at pet food Mars Brazil, has 14 years of experience in petfood and 11 years of experience in regulatory affairs in petfood. She lectured on "Advances in pet food regulatory area" in the V International Congress and Symposium XII Brazilian College of pet nutrition Animal Nutrition (CBNA). She thinks the IN30 / 09 MAP brought advances, but needs tweaking. Click here to learn why. (June/2013) (in Portuguese).
Andrea Fascetti clinical nutrition dog cat food
Dr. Andrea Fascetti is veterinarian, Ph.D. Professor of Nutrition at the Hospital School of Veterinary Medicine; Head of the Nutrition Support Service; Researcher responsible for the care center and Pet Nutrition Feline; Researcher responsible for Amino Acid Laboratory at the University of California - Davis, CA, USA. She found very unusual one aspect of the Symposium of UNESP / Jab in which she was a speaker ... and you can take that as a compliment ... Check. (Nov, 2011)
Processo extrusão extrusado safety boas práticas de fabricação pet food
Mr. Galen Rockey is the Process Director of Wenger. Expert in chemistry and with 38 years of laboratory experience in extrusion and experimental research was a speaker at the CBNA Congress in 2011. In every pet food factory that visits, asks the same question: "what is the issue that most concerns you today? ". Do you know what he always hears in response?(August/2011).
Clara Palagiano, food scientist, pet nutrition, pet food, melhor aliemnto para gatos
Clara Palagiano, a doctoral student in the PhD School in Animal and Food Science, in Italy, was for 6 months in Brazil doing her thesis project at UNESP, Jaboticabal being co-directed by prof. Aulus Carciofi. Here she talks about the experience of living in another country, expectations, surprises. Are you willing to study in another country? Check it out. (Aug/2011).
Luiz Luccas, médico veterinário. Mercado de rações, marcas, alimentos para cães e gatos. Valor do produto.
Veterinarian Luiz Luccas, Director of Operations for pets in Merial Animal Health, talks about the pet market, trends and data collected in the survey 'Pet Radar'. (Oct/2010) (in Portuguese)
Kelly Swanson nutrigenômica transcrição gens proteínas digestão nutrição alimentação alimento comida dieta crua cozia gourmet
Dr. Kelly Swanson talks about the future of pet nutrition, nutrigenomics, his impressions about Brazil and about the Meeting in which he was speaker (Jun/2010).
Dr. Richard Hill Dieta cães e gatos doenças nutrição clínica comida caseira gourmet
Veterinarian, Ph.D., Richard Hill talks about clinical nutrition of dogs and cats, his impressions about Braziil and talks about pet nutrition in USA (Nov/2009).
Karina Venturelli alimento para cães e gatos dieta alimentação nutrição veterinária
Veterinarian, MSc, Karina N. V. Gonçalves talks about her experience at the technical área inside the Guabi, Brazilian factory of pet food (Nov/2009).
Luciana Domingues rações royal canin nutricionista veterinária alimentação alimento melhor cães e gatos pet
Veterinarian Dr. Luciana Domingues de Oliveira talks about her experience at the scientific comunication area inside Royal Canin in Brazil, multinational that produces pet food (Nov/2009).
Ricardo Vasconcellos veterinário nutrição alimentação dieta cães e gatos pets animais ingredientes pet food feed nutrition cats dogs.
Veterinarian Dr. Ricardo S. Vasconcellos talks about his experience at the Congress of the European Society of Veterinary and comparative Nutrition (Dec/2009).
Nuno Emmanuel nutrição cães e gatos
Nuno E. O. F. Silva, graduated in Veterinary Medicine in Lisboa-PT, talks about his experience in Brazil studing clinical nutrition of dogs and cats (Jul/2009).
Prof. Carlos Castrillo, from Spain, talks about his visit to Brazil and pet food market. Indicates where students can improve themselves in the area, among other topics (Jul/2009).
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