Internship, Residency and Graduate Studies in Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition of Dogs and Cats.

The nutrição.VET indicates the Group of Studies in Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition for Dogs and Cats under the guidance of Professor. Dr. C. Aulus Carciofi at UNESP in Jaboticabal-SP for students of veterinary medicine and animal science that are interested in the area.
The group's work is divided between clinical nutrition and basic and experimental nutrition.

Clinical Nutrition Service at the Veterinary Hospital   "Governador Laudo Natel"

The Service of Clinical Nutrition of dogs and cats exists since 2001, with 2 residents. In clinical practice are seen animals that come with the goal of a nutritional consultation and animals that had been sent by other sectors of the Hospital, such as Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics. Consultations are made for nutritional counseling, treatment for obesity, growth, pregnancy, lactation, and nutritional support for various problems such as heart, kidney and gastrointestinal diseases. Nutritional support is also offered for the hospitalized patient using techniques such as enteral and parenteral nutrition to ensure adequate nutrition.  The Division offers training for undergraduate students in Veterinary Medicine.

colocação de sonda esofágica
alimentação de animal em internação
Placement of Esophageal Probe.
Feeding Hospitalized Animal.

Laboratório de Nutrição e Doenças Nutricionais de Cães e Gatos "Prof. Dr. Flávio Prada"
The laboratory was founded in 2002. It has a kennel with about 40 beagle dogs. Cattery has approximately 35 mongrel cats. The animals are kept in conditions of well-being higher than those required internationally: Ample space, ventilation, solariums individual and collective. The graduate students, undergraduate students and interns conduct research with different types of food ingredients and food additives intended for dogs and cats, always looking for more adequate nutrition, improving the absorption of nutrients and the health of pets. The laboratory receives interns who are studying Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.
Vista do Laboratório de Nutrição e Doenças Nutricionais de Cães e Gatos "Prof. Dr. Flávio Prada". Aliemntação natural , alimentos, melhor dieta gatos, melhor aliemntação cães.
Laboratory of Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases of Dogs and Cats "Prof. Dr. Flávio Prada".
Fabricação de ração para cães e gatos, ingredientes, alimento, dieta, comida, food, feed.
blood sample taken clinical nutrition dogs cats science
Feed production.
Collection of blood.

Open to students in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. Those interested in an internship in the first semester should forward the request until October, 1. Those interested in an internship in the second semester, should submit by May, 1. Two vacancies are open for a period.
Maiores informações: (16) 3209-2626 ext. 527
Veterinary Residency

The Enrichment Program in Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition for Dogs and Cats lasts two years and enrollment - only for veterinarians - occurs annually. The selection process provides a place for years, normally occurring in December. Selection is made through written test in the specific area, CV analysis and interview .
Maiores informações: 55 (16) 3209-2626 ext. 527

The graduation program in Veterinary Medicine offers positions for master's and doctorate of Nutrition of dogs and cats each year. Eenrollment typically occurs in August. The selection is based on vacancies availability for the period. The selection committee consists of faculty advisors and accredited members of the Program. Selecting is made through written test in Small Animal Internal Medicine, review of resume and interview.
Maiores informações: 55 (16) 3209-2704
Group Research Lines

To know the line of work of the Group, are listed below some articles published in journals indexed:

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CARCIOFI, A. C. ; SANFILIPPO, L F ; OLIVEIRA, L D ; AMARAL, P. P. ; PRADA, F. Protein requirements for Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) growth. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, v. 92, p. 363-368, 2008.

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