The Nutriçã was founded in Brazil and publishes online specialized content in nutrition of pets. It is addrressed for veterinarians who wish to provide their patients distinguished service in Nutrition.  
The Nutriçã mission is to improve the nutrition of dogs and cats and to help veterinarians who wish to provide their patients distinguished service in Nutrition, by providing hight quality information on Internet in a practical way . 
The Nutriçã follows the information and advising of Prof. Dr. Aulus C. Carciofi.

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine at FMVZ-USP from the Veterinary Hospital-USP (1991), an MSc in Animal Nutrition (1996) and Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine (major area Nutritional Diseases) (2000) at the same university. He is currently a professor at FCAV-UNESP (Jaboticabal / SP / Brazil), where he teaches undergraduate courses in the disciplines of Clinical of the Deficiency, Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases; and Nutrition of Dogs and Cats. Advisor and responsible for the discipline of Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases in the Post-graduate Program.

Prof. Carciofi created and is responsible for the Residency Program in Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition for Dogs and Cats Veterinary Hospital at Jaboticabal / UNESP / Jaboticabal / SP / Brasil.

He created and directs the Laboratory for Research in Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases of Dogs and Cats of Jaboticabal / UNESP / Jaboticabal / SP / Brasil .

Coordinator of the Research Group at CNPq: Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases of Dogs, Cats and Wild Animals, since 2006. On issues related to nutrition, has counseled 23 dissertations (7 other orientations in progress), 9 doctoral theses (another 4 in progress), is supervisor of 2 post-doctoral student. .

He is “Ad hoc” reviewer of the "Journal of Animal Fisiology and Animal Nutrition" (Germany), "Revista Clínica Veterinária"(BR), FAPESP, CNPQ, Revista Científica ‘Veterinária e Zootecnia’. FMVZ-UNESP Botucatu; Revista Clínica Veterinária, São Paulo, SP/BR; Revista Arquivos Brasileiros de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia, Brasil; Revista ARS Veterinária, SP / Brasil; Revista Brasileira de Produção e Saúde Animal, BA / BR; Braz. Journal of Vet. Res.and An. Science; Acta Scientarium, PR/BR; Pet Food Brasil, São Paulo/BR; Revista: Livestock Science / (EUA); Revista British Journal of Nutrition (UK); Revista BMC Genomics (EUA); Revista: American journal of Veterinary Research (EUA); more than 70 articles published in indexed journals.

Director of the Technical Committee of the Brazilian College of Animal Nutrition - (CBNA).

In the last years (2006-2011) coordinated more than 50 initiatives involving Pet Food Companies: dozens projects, 3 courses and 9 symposia in the area of flavors, ingredients, processing, extrusion, digestibility, quality of food trade and implementation of quality control in industry.

See the full curriculum at plataforma lattes at CNPq.

Cristiana S. Prada
DVM graduated at FMVZ-USP - São Paulo - SP - Brazil (1995).

The values of Nutriçã are:

  • Responsability
  • Ethics
  • Search of Spiritual Balance
  • Solid scientific basis


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